SCHRÖROOM is a niche Multi-Brand Showroom, Sales Agency and Brand+Design Consultancy specialising in avant-garde and conceptual fashion brands with a special interest in colour, print, pattern, surface decoration, textile manipulation, tailoring and embellishment.

The agency was founded by London-based Wholesales Manager and Consultant LARA SCHRÖDER who worked for iconic designers Eley Kishimoto for 8 years before launching a freelance business guiding emerging labels toward commercial success. These 12+ years of experience have helped establish the concept base of her agency as well as inform the selective curation of non-mainstream brands represented.

SCHRÖROOM champions new, emerging and established contemporary talent. With a spectacular showroom located in the heart of the Marais, SCHRÖROOM presents seasonally during Paris Fashion Week to host sales appointments and showcase the latest collections to the International market.  

As well as Sales and Design services, SCHRÖROOM also offers Consultancy on brand licensing, collaborations and capsule projects. MULTI-BRAND SHOWROOM. FASHION SHOWROOM