Klements is a printed fashion label by fashion and textiles designer Charlotte Allen.


Klements' distinctive art works are hand painted and drawn by Charlotte or created from her photography work. Klements draws inspiration from literature, music and the natural world; all its cruelty and glory. Klements holds a innate preference for a macabre, unsettling beauty tempered by a lust for the progressive and strange.


All the womenswear is printed and made in England and the scarves in Como, Italy. We work with the same small family run manufactures we started working with when we launched Klements in 2012. We believe fashion should not be fast. Slow down, buy less but buy ethically made, quality pieces.


Klements is stocked in luxury department stores and boutiques around the world - a Harrods best seller. Worn by Artist and musicians from Lady Gaga, to local London band Daughter. Our customers are thinking Women, who enjoy cultural down time in unusual silken pieces. They are confident that no one else will be at the party wearing the same dress, as we only ever make in small limited edition runs. In a world of ripped off designs and soulless, explotative mass production, we work hard to offer original, unique collections that are thoughtfully made. Our prints can takes weeks to paint, our silks and garments slowly made - the way they used to be. 


Klements has also undertaken artistic collaboration with both the Natural History Museum and the British Museum, in London. Designing prints and collections inspired by the both Museum's vast collections and buildings, that are sold within the Museums. 


Charlotte lives and works in Hackney, London.