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Founded by Brazilian Livia Torres, PAKERA PAKERA is an accessories label combining Latin flair with a saucy attitude, based in 

Sao Paulo. The brand name itself is a play on words with the Portuguese word 'Paquera', or FLIRT.


Produced in small editions, each piece is carefully hand-made by women who form part of an ethical ABVTEX-certified workplace, supporting the local communities of Brazil. The brand also uses conflict-free 18k gold plated over over solid silver and bespoke-cut glass gems to create its fabulous statement jewellery. 


PAKERA PAKERA has been worn by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha, Jorja Smith and Anna Trevelyan to name a few, whilst editorial features in

high-end publications have included Vogue, The Face, Elle, Glamour Magazine, L'Officiel and Yoko Mag.

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