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Shahar Avnet is a haute couture and Ready to Wear fashion brand based in Tel Aviv, the unique vision of the label's namesake, Shahar Avnet.

The exquisite detailing and abstract visualisation of Shahar's artistic vision form the basis for this deeply immersive and conceptual brand.  Shahar derives her inspiration by fusing the world of art with the world of fashion, merging the intangible dimension of the mind with the physical body. Her art is a rich complex of different dimensions combined together to create a whole using fashion, drawing, collages and embroidery.  Using the pain and joy that takes place every moment in her life, Shahar gives a visual expression of her feelings using different objects and images in the tangible world. 

As a multi-talent, Shahar's complex and unique manifestation of fashion and art sees her canvases come to life in the form of voluminous tulle, ruffles, ruched frills and intricately placed hand-embroidered and printed imagery.  

Since launching following her graduation at 'Shenkar College of Engineering and Design’, interest in the brand has flourished with glowing press features in Vogue Italia, Elle, W Magazine and celebrity customers including Beyonce who wore two custom made dresses on her 2018 tour, and a further bespoke dress for the Beyonce 'Spirit' x The Lion King video.  Furthermore, Chloe x Halle, That Poppy, Kelly Rowland and Zendaya have all worn Shahar Avnet for shows, editorials and events.

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